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One way to promote your health (mental and physical) and live longer and happier is to maintain strong social and/or family ties, and for those with religious beliefs, regular church involvement and attendance can make a big difference.  Here's a poem by Donna Moore.   

It's Just Church 

Alarm goes off, gotta get up and go,
don't want to be late for work you know.

Hurry and rush, get the kids off to school,
don't want them to grow up and be a fool.

Worked hard all day, the boss was pleased,
feels good to know he's watching me.

Giving my best, need the raise,
and really doesn't hurt to hear the praise.

Help the kids with homework, prepare them for life,
so they'll make lots of money, be free from strife.

Week goes by, day in day out,
stay on schedule, that's what life's about.

Saturday's here, gotta get to the mall,
buy some new clothes, get ready for fall.

Kid's got a game, don't want to be late,
want the coach to see my child's top rate.

Sunday morning, can't seem to get up,
want to read the paper, get coffee in my cup.

No need to hurry, already late,
It's just church, it can wait.

Got a headache, think I'll go back to bed,
It's just church, need rest instead.

Kids can miss one day, might go tonight,
it's just church they'll be all right.

No one will miss us, it's not life or death,
it's just church gotta catch our breath.

I'm just too busy, don't really have time,
it's just church, I'll be fine.

I don't get it, what's all the fuss,
it's just church not really a must.

Tears of sorrow, heart broken He cried
His bride the church is why He died.

Copyright by: Donna Moore

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