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"Dear Bess,
It is getting to be that time of year again. Time to take care of our yards. Here is a little something I wrote.   Sincerely.  Hilda Graham."

Bless our Lawn

Springtime at last is here
The most beautiful time of year
We'll water and feed our lawn with care
Get rid of weeds that might be there.

Soon we'll see the grass turn green
Oh, what a wondrous scene
As the grass begins growing
Time to start our weekly mowing.

The first few weeks we are filled with pride
Can hardly wait to get outside
To keep our lawn looking fine
Mind you this takes lots of time.

Soon the summertime will come
And that means lots and lots of sun
The days will be getting so hot
And then the grass will grow a lot.

The weekly mowing is not enough
To keep up with this growing stuff
So we find it hard to bear
To keep up with that yard out there.

Watering the grass and pulling weeds
They grow up overnight it seems
Get up at the break of dawn
Got to cut that growing lawn.

Soon the task seems extra hard
Trying to keep up with that darn yard.
It's getting hotter everyday
No time for fun, no time for play.

We must keep our lawn so neat
Or be a disgrace on our street
Get a notice from the subdivision
So we must keep up this mission.

Oh, how long will summer last
We pray for fall to come and fast
We've had enough of summer heat
We are feeling tired and doggone beat.

It seems most every year
We've just got to get away from here
Then autumn comes and things improve
We decide we cannot move.

The thought of leaving makes us sad
And we decide it's not that bad.
So we settle down and enjoy the fall
Feeling better about it all.

Copyright Hilda Graham

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