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Most poets-- professional or amateur-- are inspired most often to write as a way of dealing with pain.  It's probably therapeutic, as well; it's been recommended that one way of dealing with physical pain and illness is to write down one's problems and grievances, and I'm sure emotional pain can be dealt with that way too.  I wrote my best poetry at the kitchen table when I was grieving or sad.  

Reader Abbyann sends her contribution.  Keep remembering the good times, too, Abbyann.  No one can take that away from you, even when you move on.


Loving you was so easy
You were so special to me,
Thinking this one was right
Not knowing at the time, this was not meant to be..

We lived, we loved for each other
We gave all we could give,
You promised me forever
Together, we would live..

But then things went wrong
You said it wasn't me,
You found another girl to love
With her, you wanted to be..

My world fell to pieces
All I wanted was you,
How could I go on now
I really thought our love was true..

You are gone now, but not forgotten
Many months have now passed,
The memories I have of us
Will forever and ever last...........

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