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From contributor Hilda Graham:  "I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a New Year filled with good health, happiness and peace.  It is wonderful the way you are bringing the generations together with postings from the young to those of our era.  It's great to read all the stories, poetry, the super recipes, aids for good health and also the fine products offered on your site.  Thank you, Bess and associates.  Here is a poem I wrote:"

New Years Resolutions

Christmas time filled us with cheer.
Now we start a brand new year,
Resolutions we will make,
Vowing to make no mistakes.

We'll stop doing this and that.
Losing weight if we're getting fat
No more smoking or drinking sprees,
Vowing to stay sober and smoke free.

Be nice to others we will try,
No more junk will we buy.
Be sweet to all those on PC,
Even those with whom we disagree.

Will not get mad in grocery line,
Even at those who waste our time
Talking to friends while you stand by,
Feet are hurting and you want to die.
Just smile and say "Oh that`s OK,
after all, I've got all day".

Cross your fingers and bite your tongue
When someone says you are wrong.
Just grin and hold up your head;
Do not tell them to drop dead!
Keep cool, grin and bear,
Resist temptation to cuss and swear.

So go ahead and make your vows
to change your ways, do it now.
2004 is almost here,
The start of a brand New Year.

I just wonder how many days
Before you're back to your old ways;
How many resolutions will you keep.
Bet you'll break most within a week.


Copyright Hilda Graham 2003

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