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My name is Lila Dres and I am in the 10th grade. I wrote this poem when a girl at school saw me crying and told me that my life was perfect and that I should get over it.  So many people don't understand that just because my parents aren't divorced and my grandparents are still alive doesn't make my life perfect.  I struggle through just like everybody else. It made me upset that she felt she could tell me how to feel when she didn't even bother to find out why I was upset. I was actually going through a tough time in my life and all I needed was a friend. 

The Perfect Life

Your life's not perfect like mine,
After all, I'm perfectly fine.
You tell yourself that I never have troubles,
That I never have pain.
You say I'm never upset,
I must dance in the rain.

You think cause my parents, still married
Grandparents, unburied
That I've never hurt, never cried,
That no one close to me has ever died.
You tell yourself that I've never hated,
That my heart's never been broken
'Cause I've never dated.
I've never wanted to die, like you,
But you know in your heart - that's just not true.
my friends have died, I'm moved, I've had no friends,
    I've made big mistakes, my grades have been better, I fail
    my own goals, I hate myself, I've wanted to quit,
    I've wanted to stop, I'm depressed, I'm screwed up.
Your life's not perfect like mine,
After all, I'm perfectly fine

Copyight 2003 Lila Dres


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