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We have been so fortunate this holiday season to have our two grandchildren here for two weeks, as well as our daughter Cathy for a short visit, and my son Mark, who is staying with us while studying.   A couple of years ago, my granddaughter Jackie sent me a somewhat depressing poem; she was in a sad mood at the time.  I answered at length in rhyme, to her astonishment.  Since then, whenever she's said she was bored, I encouraged her to write.  

She brought her poems with her this visit, and I am astonished (if you are a grandmother, you may know what I mean!).  While doing some in-depth housecleaning prior to her visit, I had found a bundle of poems I had written about thirty years ago, and shared those with her.  I had already been looking for a sheaf of poems written by my grandmother, Ellen Williamson, with no luck, but I'm sure they are somewhere safe.   I would like to publish them for her many, many grand-, great-grand- and great-great-grandchildren, none of whom ever knew her. 

I asked Jackie if I could publish some of her poems.  She was a little reluctant at first to show the world her innermost thoughts, but after we talked it over for a while, she agreed.  My son is now looking for a bunch he wrote, starting almost twenty years ago.   I guess it runs in the family.

We decided there's probably lots more closet poets out there who would like to contribute poems to our site.  I already have one posted under the Pet section, written by Rich Rowand of the Recipe du Jour website.  So I'll start off with that one, plus another with an important message, contributed by one of our Fuller down-line representatives, who also has his own website.

Take a look at Poetry, and prepare to send me your own, please.  It doesn't have to be expert or perfect, just from the heart.






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