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Hilda Graham wrote this poem aboard ship while coming the the USA as a war bride in 1946.  See story as told by husband Eddie about her arrival.

by Hilda Graham

I left my home in England
and was bound for the U S A.
I thought the trip would be such fun
but alas I was sick all the way.
Now if you've ever been seasick
you'll know what I mean.
It makes your complexion
turn a deep green.
Your stomach feels like it's upside-down,
you can not walk straight
and you act like a clown.
Now to eat all the food
is the advice you'll be given.
If eat it you do
you'll find life ain't worth living,
for it's straight to the deck
that you will head,
and after that you'll go to bed.
When into bed you manage to crawl
you'll turn your face into the wall
and in that position you will lie
and you'll pray to God to let you die.

Copyright by Hilda Graham, 1946


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