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From Hilda Graham"We used to have two pet skunks.  My daughter got them when she worked in a pet store.  We loved them - they played like little kittens only they were nocturnal and wanted to play at night.  They would snuggle and were very mischievous.  Unfortunately when they got sick the vets were not able to help they as were not familiar with exotic animals (it became illegal to sell them in Texas).  We were so sad when they died as we had become so fond of them.  They were bought by the pet store originally from Minnesota and of course had been deodorized.  Now as we drive along the highways and it is obvious when one has been hit or killed.  It saddens us for they were really sweet pets.  Here is a little poem I wrote I thought children might like."

Hello, Mister Skunk

I walked down the lane the other day
And met a skunk along the way.
I said "Hello how do you do?"
He said "Quite well and how are you?"

He seemed a friendly little guy
Not too forward, not too shy.
"I'll walk along if you don't mind?"
He said " O.K., don't get behind".

"I'm in a hurry," he said to me.
"I want to find a special tree.
"A special tree is what you need?"
He answered "Oh yes! Indeed, indeed".

"Walk a little faster and I'll explain."
So we hurried down the lane.
"I have to find myself a home."
I said "A home for you alone?"

"I may be alone for a little while.."
And then he gave a knowing smile
"Sometime soon I'll find a wife
She'll share my home and my life."

"Maybe soon we'll have a family
This is why I need a special tree."
There was a twinkle in his eye
As he waved and said goodbye.

Written by Hilda Graham, 1997

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