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Alex Pettus, a fifth grader who attends the Lutheran extended care where granddaughter Jackie volunteers, wrote this poem, probably inspired by William Blake's famous poem.

Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, tiger, oh, so bright
Your fur shines like the candlelight
While you're hunting through the night
Your eyes still are burning bright.

Tiger, tiger, never fall
Standing strong, like a wall
You are the King of them all
Tiger, tiger, like a wall.

Tiger, Tiger, fast as the breeze
Bring prey down to their knees
They beg and beg, And they say please
But you show no mercy, like the breeze.

Tiger, tiger, you loudly roar
Through the jungle you have tore
Through our heads, your eyes may bore
Crouching, hunting, ever more.

Tiger, tiger, big and strong
Sleek and slender, graceful and long
Slowly your children follow along
Colored tiger, big and strong.

Tiger, tiger, in the dawn
Seek your breakfast, a little fawn
And when they come, Dad and Mom,
You're not there, you are .... gone.

Copyright August 2002

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