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Christmas Time
by Hilda Graham

Christmas time is almost here
Filled with laughter and good cheer.
Stores filled with newest toys
Wonderland for girls and boys.
Carols ring out everywhere
Joyfulness seems to fill the air.
People scurrying all around
Friendly smiles and love abound.
Homes lit up with coloured lights
Shining brightly in the night.
Decorations in city streets
Special places where people meet.
Children making Christmas lists
Asking for some special gifts.
Santa's picture's great to see
Children sitting on his knee
Whispering secrets in his ear,
"Please bring lots of toys this year."
They ask for games seen on TV.
"Would you bring these things for me?"
He nods his head and with a sigh,
says "If you're really good I'll try."
He explains in a gentle way
Remember mom and dad must pay
For all the things that you request
But I promise to do my best.
Satisfied the child steps down
Happy over a new friend found.
Families make plans for Christmas cheer
As they do most every year.
Churches tending to the poor
Asking for food; this is a chore
For alas there is always need.
Lots of homeless folks to feed.
We feel guilty and give much more
Than we did the year before.
To ease our minds we really try,
Our conscience we must satisfy,
Trying to help those in need.
Wanting to do our special deed
But we forget that every day
Hunger strikes in its ugly way.
As we plan the days ahead
Keep in mind those who dread
As they face this time of the year
They will know no joy, I fear.
So as we try to share their plight
Bringing smiles on Christmas night.
Remember on this day of cheer
Those other days throughout the year
when Christmas time has come and gone
Our good deeds should carry on.
For Jesus would want it to be this way
Helping the needy every day.

Copyright Hilda Graham...1997

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