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Written and submitted by Hilda Graham: "The years we've shared are 58 to be exact.  Thank you for accepting my poem, and I would like to receive your Newsletter."  

Beautiful sentiments, Hilda, which I share too.

The Years We've Shared

If I could start my life anew
My Darling, it would still be you
with whom I'd choose to share the years,
filled with love and sometimes tears.

You who make all things seem right
as you hold me closely, through the night.
You brighten my life on the darkest day
and know just the words to say.

When at times things go wrong,
You've shown me courage, made me strong.
We've raised a family you and I
and we feel their love as the years go by.

You've been my own, my love so true.
I'll spend the rest of life with you
and know our love will be ever there
as these golden years we share.

I give thanks to God above
Who's blest me with my greatest love.



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