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Jackie Metcalf found this poem at Poems & Song Lyrics.  The author is unknown.  Jackie and I are both appalled at women who do not believe their children when they tell that they have been molested by a trusted family member; older brothers, fathers, especially step-dads and "funny uncles".  This poem says it all.

You Turned Away

You said that it was all a lie,
You would not listen to my cry
You could not see my pain, my fear,
You did not wipe my hidden tears

I just wanted to be believed,
I wanted there to be relief
From all the anguish and confusion,
But you claimed it an illusion.

I showed you truth
and you turned away.

You shunned my pain
in your own dismay.
But now I want you to know
Just what he did, what I have to show.

He touched my body
and ripped out my heart.
He took my innocence
and tore it apart.

I felt the shame,
I took the blame.
I shed the tears
for years and years.

I lost my soul and my self-respect
But still you continued to neglect.
I wanted my mommy or daddy to say
That it wasn't my fault in any way.

But you were not there,
You did not care,
So it continued to happen
and still I beared

The pain, the fear, hate and confusion,
Were all a part of this so-called illusion.
My love for you
Now seems untrue.

Because you knew
and didn't do,
You did not stop him, you did not hate him,
You even called him your best friend

Even though I'm older now
and he no longer has the power,
I still feel like that little girl
Who hides her head beneath her pillow.

I still don't sleep, I still can't hide
From all the hurt that lurks inside.
Because of what your "best friend" did
It will take years for this to end.

Someday I hope to be okay
But hurt, hurts more day by day.
Eventually, I will find me
and truth will come for you to see,

Maybe then you will know
and hopefully you will grow,
To love your daughter
instead of this man,

And then together
we will stand.

Author Unknown

































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