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Do you remember your first love?  Not just a childhood crush, but an all consuming passion.  Maybe it lasted;  probably it didn't.  Remember?

Young Love

How I loved you, way back then,
I'll never love that way again.
First love, sweet exploration,
Into depths of new sensation.

It was returned. And we both grew,
And changed. Until we knew
It wouldn't work, we'd grown apart
The destination; broken heart.

Acceptance too, it wouldn't do
The way we thought when love was new.
You made your life, I made mine,
At first our lives both seemed so fine.

But things go wrong; life deals hard fate,
A wrong turn here and there; too late
To have a perfect life. So sad,
No one does; more good than bad.

Life throws curves, ones we can't see
But now know what will be, will be.
We count our blessings; make our life
And take the good things with the strife.

Would it have worked if we had stayed
Together long ago? I prayed
We'd find a way. But now, I think
I escaped from some disaster's brink.

And still we forge ahead; we live,
There's much to learn and much to give.
But how I loved you, way back then,
I'll never love that way again.

Copyright Bess W. Metcalf, 2015


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