Bev Avery's Real Key Lime Pie
A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen

2 frozen deep dish pie shells
4 cans fat-free condensed milk
1 dz. eggs
1 bottle NELLIE AND JOE'S Key Lime Juice
sugar for meringue

Prick pie shells all over with a fork & bake until golden in 400 oven.

Separate eggs carefully.  Combine yolks with condensed milk & about 3/4 cup lime juice.  Taste & add more until it has the tartness you prefer.   Bake 10 min. to kill bacteria in eggs (optional)

Make meringue:  beat egg whites in a clean dry glass or metal bowl until they begin to form soft peaks.  Gradually add 2 T. sugar for each egg white (that's about 1 1/2 cups for 12 egg whites),  beating between additions until stiff and glossy.

Spread on pie & put back in a hot oven until the tips you have created turn a little brown.  

Serve cold - warm Key Lime Pie tends to seek its own level on your plate.  They freeze well.