Garden Salad Plate with Capered Mayonnaise
A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen
Lettuce, dark green preferred such as romaine or escarole
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced & arranged on bed of lettuce
Select some or all of the following (if cooked, chill first):
cucumber, peeled & sliced thin
thinly sliced radishes
cooked, cooled artichoke hearts
avocado, sliced
cooked asparagus spears
lightly parboiled diagonal slices of carrot
steamed, crispy-tender green beans
raw or steamed broccoli florets
sliced zucchini, grilled or browned in a skillet with cooking spray
chunks of microwaved eggplant, with seed strings removed
Any other vegetables your family might like
Sliced hard-boiled eggs if you'd like to make a full meal of it

Arrange on the platter with the tomatoes & lettuce.   Top with dabs of Capered Mayonnaise & watch them eat 'em up!