Low-fat Grilled Cheese-Plus Sandwich
A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen
2 slices bread  (whole wheat, rye, high fiber or your choice)
2 slices fat free (or reduced fat) cheese
cooking spray
fillers (thinly sliced tomato, shreds of thin lean ham or smoked turkey, sliced pickle, onion, pickled peppers or pickled beets, horseradish, mustard or whatever you prefer)

Use a Teflon-coated griddle or skillet for best results. Place slice of cheese on bread. Add blotted tomato or pickle slices, onion or other filler. Add another slice of cheese & top with bread. 

Spray tops of sandwiches with cooking spray while skillet heats to medium. Put in skillet sprayed side down & toast until golden. Spray top side, turn & cook until done.

Serve with a hot soup on cold, rainy days & you have a tummy-warming, filling, healthy treat!