A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen
Cuban bread or a similar substitute 
lean thinly sliced roast pork  
lean thinly sliced baked ham or sweet ham
reduced fat or fat-free swiss cheese  
sour pickle slices
thinly sliced onions 
cooking spray

Slice bread lengthwise, sandwich style. Spray inside surfaces lightly with cooking spray. Cover bottom surface with cheese.   Layer on sliced pork & sliced ham. Add mustard, pickle slices & onions to taste. Cover with more cheese & replace top. Spray outsides generously, both bottom & top, with cooking spray.  

This sandwich must be pressed. If you have a waffle iron, the plates often can be turned to make a flat sandwich grill. If not, cook on a griddle topped with a cast iron skillet or bacon press. Turn over a couple of times so it heats through without scorching. Push down on the press arrangement from time to time; the sandwich should end up about half its original thickness. Cook until lightly browned & cheese is completely melted inside the sandwich.