Mummified Idaho Potatoes
A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen
4 cups prepared Instant Mashed Idaho Potatoes
   (Or leftover mashed potatoes)
Corn husk (fresh or packaged)*
Assorted vegetables

Recommended vegetables:
- Peas & carrots for eyes
- Herbs for eyelashes
- Black olive slices for eyebrows
- Corn kernels for ears
- Sliced radishes & olive halves for shoes

Additional suggestions:
- Red, yellow, green bell pepper slices
- Sugar snap peas
- Cucumbers
- Green beans
- Zucchini
- Eggplant

After preparing instant mashed potatoes according to box directions, let potatoes cool to touch.

Place opened cornhusk on plate & put on large dollop (approx. 3/4 C.) potatoes in center of husk. Gently mold potatoes into oblong shape of a mummy.

Select vegetables to create mummy features & choose location where to place. Carefully press the vegetables into potatoes.

*Note: Corn husks enhance the visual appearance (they are not edible).  Mummified Mashed Idaho Potatoes can be prepared without corn husks.