Frazzled Onions
A recipe from the Sneaky Kitchen
All-purpose flour
Cooking spray

Put a small amount of flour in a zip-lock bag. Peel onions. Cut in half from stem to root & slice very thinly into half-slices. Separate into individual half-rings & spread out on a large plate or cutting board. Sprinkle with salt or salt substitute. Let sit for 1 minute (no longer or you will have a mess).

Add onion rings to flour in bag. Close bag & shake vigorously to coat all onions. They should be thinly coated, with no excess flour. If all onions are not coated, add more flour a teaspoon at a time, shaking bag afterwards. Remove onions from bag & spread on plate, shaking off any excess flour.

Heat a large Teflon coated skillet on medium. Spray with cooking spray. Add onions & spread them out. Spray onions with more cooking spray. Cook, turning onions frequently, until browned & crisp. Taste & add a little more salt if necessary.

Eat as a snack, or sprinkle on grits or polenta, over mashed, scalloped  or roasted potatoes, on soups, stews or frittatas, serve with meat such as liver, cube steak or chicken, or use as a topping for casseroles or meatloaf.   Also a substitute for those greasy canned onions on green bean casserole!