Steamed Salmon with Pink Peppercorns & Snow Peas
A Tupperware recipe, at the Sneaky Kitchen
1 3/4 C. water
1 lb./ 455 g. sockeye salmon filet
extra virgin olive oil
salt & freshly ground pepper
pink peppercorns
8 oz./ 225 g snow peas

Pour water into Water Tray of the Smart Steamer. Place salmon in Steamer base & place Base on top of Water Tray. Brush salmon with olive oil; season with salt, pepper & pink peppercorns. Place snow peas in Colander & place Colander on top of Steamer Base. Season snow peas with olive oil, salt, pepper & pink peppercorns.  Cover, place in microwave & heat on high for 9 min. or until salmon flakes easily with a fork, is opaque & internal temperature is 145 F /65 C. Remove from microwave; let stand 5 min. before serving.