Strawberry Jello Angel Food Cake
A Tupperware recipe, at the Sneaky Kitchen
2 3-oz. pkgs. strawberry Jello
2 C. boiling water
2 pkgs. frozen strawberries
1 9 inch angel food cake
Whipped cream or whipped topping

In a Tupperware lg. mixing bowl or Thats-a-Bowl, dissolve Jello in boiling water. Add frozen strawberries & stir until defrosted, broken up & syrupy. Press cake into Jello mixture. Apply seal to bowl; tip bowl to coat cake well with Jello, then place in refrigerator. Ready to serve in about 1 hr. or may be served the next day.

Remove bowl from refrigerator a few min. before serving & let stand at room temp.  Turn out onto a lg. serving plate. Cake will be covered with thick coating of Jello & strawberries, some of which will have soaked into edges of the cake. Serve slices topped with whipped cream or topping.

You can also use an angel cake made in a ring shape, & use a Jel-Ring. If cake is too tall to fit loosely in the Jel-Ring, cut a slice from the top so it will fit with at least 1/2" to 1" clearance.