Breakfast Tomatoes
A Recipe from Sneaky Kitchen
Tomatoes- 1/2 to 1 for each person
Flour, unbleached preferred
Cooking spray
Seasoning to taste (salt, pepper, dill, basil.....)

Select fully ripe but still firm tomatoes. Wash, remove stem & blossom ends. Cut into slices about 3/8 " thick. Lay on paper towels to drain some watery juices while starting the rest of the meal.

Pat tops of tomatoes to dry slightly. Dredge in unseasoned flour. Shake off excess. Lay on plate until ready to cook. They fry better if they sit until the flour starts to get gummy.

Put a few drops of olive oil in a skillet & heat to medium-hot. Spray tomato slices with cooking spray & lay in skillet sprayed side down; spray the top side. Sprinkle with salt or other seasonings to taste. Black pepper is good; also dried dill. For Italian use dried basil and/or oregano or Italian seasoning. Or onion or garlic salt. Experiment! Brown one side, turn & brown the other. The heat should be high enough to brown quickly; if cooked too long they get mushy. Eat while hot! Delicious served with grits, polenta, potatoes or just eggs, toast & bacon.