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My Dad loved root beer and often gave in to the craving.  It was difficult for him to pass by an A & W drive in.  When I was 12, I took a job as a car hop at an A & W in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Friday and Saturday summer evenings.  The root beer was served icy cold; even the mugs were kept in a freezer.  A side benefit was all the root beer we could drink - not health food by any means but oh, so good.  I usually spent some tips on a big scoop of vanilla ice cream for this treat at least once an evening.

This sweet drink, also known as a Root Beer Float, takes only a moment to prepare.  Sometimes it may be altered with additions of coffee syrup or liqueur, Kalua or caramel syrup, but I go for plain whenever I indulge.

Brown Cow

1 or 2 scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt
root beer, icy cold

Place the ice cream in a tall chilled mug or tumbler.  Pour cold root beer slowly over the ice cream.  Serve with a straw and ice tea spoon.


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