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This is a great breakfast item to hand someone as they dash out the door, or to savor over the Sunday paper.

Cackleberry Roll-Ups

1 egg for each roll-up, or less if eggs are large
butter or non-hydrogenated margarine
favorite minced herbs to taste or chopped green onions (optional)
salt and black pepper to taste
corn or flour tortillas
low-fat or fat free shredded cheese, your favorite flavor
cooking spray
crispy bacon (optional)
salsa (optional)

Beat eggs slightly with a fork.  Add salt and black pepper, plus herbs or green onions if desired.  Heat butter in skillet until it bubbles.  Reduce heat to medium.  Pour in eggs to make a thin omelet; it may take two sessions or more if you are cooking for several persons.   As it cooks, lift edges and tilt skillet so uncooked part runs underneath.  When top is still glossy but set, remove from heat.

Heat a non-stick griddle.  Spray tortilla with cooking spray on each side.   Heat one or two at a time almost until it starts to brown, then flip and sprinkle with cheese (and crumbled bacon if desired).  When cheese melts, remove to a plate.  Cut out a piece of egg the size of the tortilla and cover the cheese; add a bit of salsa if desired.  Roll up.

This works best with larger tortillas or fajitas; you can cut on the slant into portions.  But small ones are great too for individual snacks; just make the eggs really thin or you cannot roll them up.

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