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Baby Food   

Planning to breast feed but not sure you can do it?  Here's how at The Working Cow .  Valuable information from personal experience for the working & nursing mother.

Sheila writes about a wise choice she made and the double satisfaction experienced as a result.  There's advice and some tales about breast feeding, too.

Caring Online- Pediatric resources.

Hints and suggestions from Mum in Kelseyville, California about starting babies on solid food early.

Have you ever seen someone's child struggling to breathe while in the throes of a severe asthma attack?  Here's a preventative measure for your own future family.

From Michele of Massachusetts:    "When my newborn began eating food, instead of jars of baby food, I pureed fruits and veggies and fed her that.   What I didn't use, I froze in ice cube trays, defrosting later for meals.  I also added tofu to her puree at least one meal almost every day.  I found that silken tofu was the easiest to mix."

Here's a brand of baby food that's so superior to any other, you need to check it out before your baby is born.   It can greatly reduce the occurrence of childhood leukemia, allergies, ear infections and other illnesses.

Visit Food for Tots.   When human beings lived communally (and where they still do) teaching a baby to eat throughout it's first years was a snap.   Now it's a lot more complicated.  Here's some help. 














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