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Here's a hint for conserving herbs.  When you have extras from the grocery or garden, process in a blender or food processor with filtered or bottled water until quite fine.  Pour into pint-size freezer bags; don't overfill.  They should freeze lying flat and be quite thin.  When you need some for a recipe, just open, break off a piece the size you need and reseal. Note:  be sure to label, a permanent marker works great.                         

It's easier to run a thrifty kitchen if you're sneaky with the leftovers.   Here's some ideas for ways to recycle leftover food.   Please send us your own solutions.

Canned Olives

Broccoli Stem Pennies

Broccoli Stem Slaw

Leftover cooked vegetables

Tomato and Stale Bread Soup

Leftover Tomato Paste

Pasta Forever

Roast Beef Confetti Hash.

Uses for Stale Bread














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