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This dish is satisfying, low-fat and good for you.  Serve for breakfast, as a side dish for lunch or dinner, in recipes calling for polenta, or chill leftovers one inch thick, cut into squares and fry (Note #1) for a different taste.  

Cheesy Grits

1 cup yellow corn grits or coarse corn meal
4 1/4 cups water
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed   (Note #2)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar, low-fat or fat-free

Bring water to a full rolling boil.   Sift corn grits by hand, little by little, into boiling water, stirring constantly.  Water should not stop boiling.

Continue to boil and stir until grits start to thicken.  Turn heat very low and simmer for ten minutes, stirring often.  (Note #3)

Add flaxseed and cheese, stirring to mix.  Simmer for another five minutes.

Serve with low-fat gravy, reduced-fat margarine, sprinkled with more cheese, or plain.    One favorite way to serve is to make nests with Frazzled Onions and Hot Dilled Baby Tomatoes

Spread leftovers in a flat dish 1 inch thick.  Cover with wax paper and smooth flat.  Refrigerate, covered with the wax paper, until needed.

Note #1:  Cut cold grits into squares or fingers the size of fish sticks.  Dip in beaten egg or egg white, then into or fine crumbs.   Spray a non-stick skillet with cooking spray and heat to medium.  Add coated grits.  Immediately spray tops and sides with more cooking spray.  When browned, turn and brown the other side.  Delicious served  plain or with pancake syrup.   Leftover grits may also be used as polenta, either fried or heated in the microwave.

Note #2:   If no ground flaxseed is available, you may use 2 tablespoons oat bran, wheat bran or wheat germ.  Flaxseed, however, adds a delicious nutty flavor and is an excellent choice, health-wise.  Otherwise, eliminate 1/4 cup of water.

Note #3:   A lot of stirring and scrubbing can be avoided by using a good non-stick saucepan for the grits.  They have a tendency to stick, otherwise.


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