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From Cynthia MacGregor's great newsletter:  "More fun for kids this week...'messy' fun!"  Bet it smells great, too.  A new take on Play Dough.

Coffee Dough

Materials needed:

• One cup of flour
• 1/2 cup of
• One cup of cooled, used coffee grounds
• 1/2 cup of cold leftover coffee
• A little additional flour to flour a work surface with


• Bowl
• Mixing utensil (fork, spoon, or mixing spoon)
• Flat surface to work on (tabletop, countertop, or rolling board)
• Plastic container (such as margarine tub) or sealable plastic bag.


1 - Combine all the materials except the additional flour, and stir till blended.
2 – Sprinkle the additional flour on a clean, flat work surface.
3 - Gather the mixture together with your hands and knead it on the floured work surface until you have a dough that's holding together well and is smooth except for the coffee grounds.
4 – If you don't use it right away, or you do but you have some left over, store it in a plastic container or plastic bag.

Not for eating! For fashioning beads, animals, and other stuff with.

See Play Dough


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