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Not everyone wants to crunch on raw carrots (although they are a wonderful and healthy snack food). Some with dental problems don't have a choice.  But there's other ways to get them into the diet: salads and sandwiches.

 Just give it a try!

Carrots in Salads and Sandwiches

One way to get more nutritious carrots into the diet is by putting them in salads.  Either slice them - with a knife (or a fancy slicer that makes grooves) and cook until barely tender.  The healthiest way to tenderize them is by steaming, but boiling is better than nothing.  Drain and chill in a covered container until you make the salad.

Another way to add to salad is to make fine julienne strips and throw into the salad raw.  They taste great and add color to the dish.

You can add cubed cooked carrots to potato salad too.  They add flavor and color.

Include julienne carrot shreds into egg salad sandwiches.   They can also be added, along with lettuce, tomato, etc. to burgers, burritos and fajitas, and spaghetti sauce.

Use your imagination and boost your health!     


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