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My daughter called on Thanksgiving Day.  She mentioned that they'd had to eat really early as her husband had to go to work late that afternoon, and since she works long and odd hours too, she had made dinner ahead of time little by little in the preceding three days.  She said that since the first time she made this cranberry relish, her hubby demands it every Thanksgiving, and it's easy to make a couple of days early. 

I usually make it from the recipe on the Ocean Spray bag, but a few Thanksgivings ago I got some cranberries without the recipe.  I started to look through my thousands of recipe cards.  No luck!  I frantically searched the net (that was a few years ago while the internet was still developing).  Finally I found it.  I too cannot eat Thanksgiving dinner without this spicy and healthy relish.  It's a perfect accompaniment to turkey and the other creamy or somewhat bland foods often served at that meal.  

Cranberry Orange Relish

1 package (12 oz) fresh or frozen cranberries  (Note #1)
1 medium orange  (Note #2)
3/4 cups sugar  (Note #3)

Cut the unpeeled orange into eights; remove seeds.   Wash the fresh cranberries in a large bowl or pan of water, sorting out any squishy or moldy ones (if frozen, just use as is).

Place half the cranberries in a food processor (Note #4).   Process until chopped about the size of coarse pickle relish.  Place in a bowl.  Process the rest of the cranberries.   Remove to the bowl.

Place half the oranges in food processor and proceed as above, mixing the chopped orange and peel into the cranberries.  (Note #5). 

Add the sugar (Note #3).  Stir well.  Refrigerate for several hours or overnight to chill, and so the best flavor can develop.

If you prefer a jelled relish, use 1 package of unflavored gelatin.  Sprinkle gelatin in 1/4 cup of water and let it soften.  Heat in the microwave until dissolved.  Add to the relish along with 1/2 cup of orange juice.  (Note #6).

Note #1:  I like to buy several extra bags at Thanksgiving, the time when cranberries come on the market.  Throw them in the freezer for a treat during the winter.

Note #2:  Select a large orange with a healthy peel.  I sometimes add another orange with only half the peel.  This make a slightly milder relish.

Note #3:  If you like your relish sweet, you may increase the sugar to 1 cup.

Note #4:  For those who do not have a food processor, for many years I made this relish with an old-fashioned hand grinder, clamped to the kitchen table.

Note #5:  If your food processor isn't up to par (mine is old, and I haven't quite convinced myself to replace it), peel the oranges, and process the peels separately, to be sure there aren't any large pieces.   

Note #6:  To liquefy the gelatin on the stove, add the softened gelatin and water to the orange juice and heat gently, stirring, until gelatin is completely dissolved.   Then stir into the relish.  


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