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Make up your own platter of garden goodies.  Even those usually bypassed are delicious with tangy Capered Mayonnaise dressing.

Garden Salad Plate with Capered Mayonnaise

Lettuce, dark green preferred such as romaine or escarole
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced & arranged on bed of lettuce

Select some or all of the following (if cooked, chill first):

cucumber, peeled and sliced thin
thinly sliced radishes
cooked, cooled artichoke hearts
avocado, sliced
cooked asparagus spears
lightly parboiled diagonal slices of carrot
steamed, crispy-tender green beans
raw or steamed broccoli florets
sliced zucchini, grilled or browned in a skillet with cooking spray
chunks of microwaved eggplant, with seed strings removed
Any other vegetables your family might like
Sliced hard-boiled eggs if you'd like to make a full meal of it

Arrange on the platter with the tomatoes and lettuce.   Top with dabs of Capered Mayonnaise and watch them eat 'em up!   


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