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Safer, Healthier Barbeque & Grilling

Barbeque, tail-gate parties and grilling.  The tasty meat dishes can be marred by worries about calories, carcinogens and food poisoning.  But you can take a lot of the worry out, while cutting the wait.  This method works for most meats.

Trim excess fat from meat, but leave the skin on chicken for the moment.  Add pickling spice or your favorite herbs and seasonings to a large pot of water, and bring to a boil.  Do not add salt! It will draw out juices and leave meat drier.

Add meat and cook only until almost tender but not yet falling apart.  Remove from water, drain well, and add your favorite marinade to the meat.

When time to grill, realize that the meat only needs to be heated through and grilled for flavor, since it is almost tender before you begin. 


  • pickling spices add flavor
  • Boiling removes more of the fat
  • Less fat - less calories
  • Shorter waiting time at the grill
  • Less grilling means less carcinogens
  • Meat will be moister - less time to dry out on the grill
  • Marinade can be used as a dip since no raw meat touched it.
  • Meat is thoroughly cooked, so less chance of dangerous e-coli

While you're at it, throw some veggies (or fruits) on the grill.  Brush on some olive oil and use salt and other seasonings as desired.  For vegetable-phobes, grilled foods seem less like - well.... veggies!

More safe barbeque tips from Dr. Weil:  What's the Best Barbeque








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