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Have hot dog buns on hand, but no dogs?  Or perhaps you just want a long snack that's higher in fiber and lower in calories.   Try this easy recipe; my kids always loved it for lunch.

Mock Dogs

hot dog buns
cooking spray
canned baked beans
sharp cheddar cheese (Note)
mustard (optional)

Open hot dog buns.  Place the bottoms on a cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray.  Place under the broiler and toast until it starts to turn golden brown.   Remove.

Add a thin coat of ketchup.  Drain some baked beans and spread a layer on the bun.  Cut some cheddar cheese in strips about the size of your little finger.   Place a single line of cheese strips down the middle of each bun.

Add the tops of the bun to the cookie sheet, cut face up.  Spray top with cooking spray.  Place under the broiler again until cheese melts and face of the bun tops brown slightly.

Remove and add mustard if desired.  Close buns and serve.

Note:   To cut fat and calories, use reduced-fat cheddar.


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