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Double Dish to save time and energy:   Chicken Vegetable Soup and Pulled Chicken Tortillas cooked all at once.

Pulled Chicken Tortillas

cooked chicken breasts
flour tortillas or fajitas
low fat or fat free cheddar, Mexican or your favorite cheese
minced pickled jalapeño if desired
cooking spray

Shred chicken breasts into long threads.   If they seem dry, add a tablespoon or two of chicken broth, wait a moment and then drain.

Spray tortillas with cooking spray.  Place them one or two at a time on a hot skillet (non-stick is best).  Cover center with chicken.  Add cheese, and garnish with jalapeño and/or salsa as desired.  Cover with another tortilla, and press down firmly.  Spray with cooking spray.

When bottom is light golden and starting to crisp, turn carefully until other side is done.   Cut into wedges if wished, or just use hands to eat whole.

Save leftover chicken for Chicken Vegetable Soup.














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