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Before the citrus canker Gestapo cut down most all the citrus trees in South Florida, one thing women did was exchange and collect recipes for citrus and other dooryard fruits, to take advantage of Nature's healthy bounty.  I'd forgotten this recipe until I saw a similar one in Recipe du Jour's great newsletter.  Try this one next time you want a healthier economical spread.

Really Quick Orange Marmalade  

1 large orange with a good quality peel
1 cup white sugar (or a granular substitute such as Xylotol for a no-sugar diet)

Wash orange well.  Remove stem end if still attached, and any blemishes.  Cut in eighths with a serrated knife and carefully remove all seeds.

Process in food processor until most chunks or peel are fairly small and uniform.  Add 1 cup of sugar and pulse to mix.

Place mixture in an uncapped glass container (a clean glass jar works great if you've kept the lid) and place in microwave.  Cook on high for 2 minutes.  Stir, and cook for another minute.  Stir again.  Watch carefully so the marmalade doesn't scorch or boil over and microwave for 1 minute more.  Repeat a 4th time.  Cool, then cap and store in the fridge.

Great for toast, bagels or crispy rice cakes with lite cream cheese, or stirred into low fat or fat free yogurt or cottage cheese.  Or throw calorie caution to the wind and use it to make a Miami Sundae.

This recipe can be made on the stovetop also.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently.   Turn heat as low as possible and simmer gently, stirring often, for about eight minutes.


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