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These tasty "pennies" are fun for youngsters to fix, and fun and delicious to eat as well.   The toasted flour coating adds rich flavor to this low-fat snack.

Yellow Squash Pennies

Yellow or crookneck summer squash
All-purpose flour
black pepper and/or other seasonings if desired
cooking spray

Wash the squash.  Trim stem and blossom ends.  Slice into 1/8" slices.   Spread in a single layer on the cutting board or a plate.   Sprinkle lightly with salt or salt substitute to taste.  Allow the squash to set for one to five minutes.

Put flour in a shallow bowl.  Add squash "pennies" and stir to coat.   Shake off excess flour and lay on a plate.  Do not stack.

Heat a non-stick or griddle on medium heat.  Spray squash with cooking spray.   Put squash "pennies" on the pan close together in a single layer.   Spray the tops with cooking spray.  Cook for a minute or more on the sprayed side until lightly browned, spray the top side with cooking spray, then turn over with tongs or a fork.  Sauté until browned.   Sprinkle with black pepper if desired. 

Other seasonings that may be used include cayenne pepper, paprika, dried dill, marjoram, or experiment with family favorite spices.

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