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Valentine's Day Cherry Chocolate Cake

For Valentine's day, I'm going to bake a Dark Chocolate Cake.  Then I'll make some Double Rich Vanilla Pudding with an extra tablespoon of corn starch and 1/2 tsp. almond extract

Next, I'll open a can of cherry pie filling, and thaw some lite whipped topping.  Extra calories can be cut by using unsweetened cherries and non-nutritive sweetener, thickened with corn starch, and by using a fat free whipped topping. 

To serve, cut a wedge or square of chocolate cake (single layer), split it lengthwise and insert a dollop of vanilla pudding.  Put the pieces back together.  Add some cherries in their sauce on top, and decorate with whipped topping. 

Diet food?  Of course not, but it's a day to be extra sweet to those you love.  (Then take a walk together to burn off the extra calories!)

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