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Granddaughter Jackie had a goal of becoming a police officer by joining the Police Explorers before going into another field.  She'd been sending a diary of her experiences.  Here's her first installment.

Finally Joining the Police Explorers
By Jackie Metcalf

I seem to remember you asking me to do a journal about the Police Explorers program when I first tried to get into it last year. Well, I got into a different one then I had tried the first time, so here's what I've learned about it so far. 

All Police Explorers get their own uniform and rank.  You can go up in ranks until you reach the final one, Lieutenant.  

They teach you laws, take-downs, respect, discipline, etc.  If you do not meet the criteria or break too many rules you will be "discharged".  People can call and "hire" the team for security at events, such as parties, fundraising events, stuff like that.  The main event the team does here is First Friday, a event that goes on downtown on the first Friday of every month.  The Police Explorers do security, walking up and down the streets, making sure nothing illegal or dangerous is going on, etc.  

They also do fundraising to pay for fun things, a reward so to speak.  For example, over the summer we are going to Bush Gardens, a theme park.  They also tour major prison facilities and such. 

One thing they tried to get the team qualified for was mace training, getting sprayed by pepper spray or mace.  But they decided not to due to the age of this group. 

More to come.

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