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Second Installment, Police Explorers
By Jackie Metcalf

At the second meeting I was able to meet the Sergeant, a young lady who is married and has 2 children, who is in charge of the Explorer's program. Her husband and the eldest child also attended the meeting. 

Our first assignment is learning how to do Homicide cases. We are reenacting a old homicide case and going through the steps policemen must do when on such a case. Each team member is assigned a part: victim, suspect, head officer, etc. We will recreate the scene of the crime and each do our own part in the "case", and even help others in their jobs. 

Police explorers are allowed to do "ride alongs", going along with policemen on calls. To do this the member must fill out forms of confidentiality, complete a 3 month period of probation, and pass a test on the 10 signals, for instance, 10-04 = yes/ok. 

On First Friday the area of the event is divided into zones, and teams of two wander their zone, checking place that could possibly be dangerous - parking lots, dark corners, groups of juveniles, etc. Team members must be in proper attire; BDU pants and shirt, basket-weave belts, and shined high-top boots. Team members must also show proper respect and discipline while "on the job."

More to come.

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