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Third Installment, Police Explorers
By Jackie Metcalf

This past meeting we had a class discussion on homicide cases and M.O. vs Motive.  We tossed out ideas for possible motives and what might cause one to commit murder, both internal and external factors.

The following Tuesday we went on a "field trip" to the Lake County Bragg Center.  This is a training center for all Law Enforcement Officers in Lake County.  Once there each team member had to complete the Police Obstacle Course that must be passed if one wants to become a Law Enforcement officer.  It consists of exiting a car, opening the trunk and grabbing gear, running 220 yards, jumping 4 hurdles, a belly crawl, dragging a 150 lb. dummy some odd yards, then repeating the belly crawl, hurdles and 220 yard run again.  After that one must shoot off 12 shots from a simulated gun, 6 shoots with each hand, then remove gear and enter car and put seatbelt back on.  The clock stops when hands are on steering wheel at 10 and 2.  

The course must be completed within 6 min. 10 sec. to pass. All team members passed. 

(Note from Bess:  Grandmothers get to brag.  Jackie passed with a VERY high score, according to her proud mother, Cathy.)

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