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  • Think your home is safe because you have a lock (or locks) on your doors?  Think again.  Take a look at the latest trend in home invasion: lock bumping!
  • From Recipe du Jour's great newsletter: "U.S. Department of Homeland Security offers several self-help emergency preparation guides. They can be found at www.ready.gov "  For those of us living in areas affected by hurricanes, FEMA can't do it all.  Start now.

  • Are you prepared for emergencies?  Here's why you should be, and how you can protect yourself and your family if (and when) floods, windstorms, earthquakes and other natural disasters - or more terrorist attacks - occur.  
  • For women: are you or someone you love addicted to alcohol, or legal or illegal drugs?  This site may help get life back on track:  She's In Recovery.
  • Jackie Metcalf reports on her latest Police Explorer meeting and qualifying test.
  • Jackie Metcalf turns in her second installment covering her second and third meetings as a new Police Explorer.
  • Jackie and I have two generations between us - one reason I can never claim to understand her way of looking at things, our shared "bad genes" non-withstanding.  Her poetry since she was about nine years old leaves one thinking... and thinking... See Everywhere, In Everything.   But that's what poetry should do, provoke another point of view.
  • If you haven't walked in another's shoes, you cannot pretend to know how they feel.  See The Perfect Life by 10th grader Lila Dres.
  • From Jackie Metcalf:  "Tomorrow. March 1st, is National Hug Day. Forward this to 20 people by 12:00 tonight (or whenever you get the message!) and you will get the greatest hug in your life tomorrow.  It's not sure who will hug you, but it is certain that will be someone that you're crushing... and who knows, they might be crushing you too!!!!!  But yo u can't send it to the person who sent it to you - it's bad luck!!!!!!!!"  Oh, well, give it a try.  If Jackie says it works, it likely will.  Pass it on.
  • Stressed over the holidays?  Trying to get everything just right?  Worrying over relatives that you feel put you down, or that intimidate you?  Depressed, repressed and generally obsessed?  Put it in perspective.  You must read this absolutely beautiful story from my cousin Ginny:  A Christmas Message.
  • The holidays should be a time of joy, right?  Not always.  Not for many of  those alone, or with personal and/or unresolved family issues.  Then the holidays can become a time of stress, anxiety, dread or sadness.  Learn to feed your soul during this time of year - read "Surviving the Holidays: Body, Mind and Spirit - Strategies" by Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD.  
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