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  • Sad?  Depressed?  Life got you down?  Here's a handful of resources from Third Age: "Guide to Depression".
  • A quote forwarded by Jackie Metcalf:  "Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.   ---Lord Chesterfield
  • Jackie Metcalf sends us a quote:  "Like I said, there are friends --- And there are FRIENDS.  People you pal with -- And the ones you die for.  Each carries its own set of obligations.  And each person has to decide what they are & how best to carry 'em out." ----Wolverine
  • Remember that Bob Dylan song, "The Times They Are A-Changin'"?  Never more true than recent changes and those we expect (or fear) in the coming weeks and months.  This can scarcely help but cause stress.  See some great "21 Ways to Relieve Internal Stress" By Garrett J. Braunreiter at Third Age.  
  • Jackie Metcalf brings our attention to Listening as Healing.
  • Anger and Tears by Susan Aglukark
  • You Turned Away This poem expresses the pain still felt by someone who was molested as a child.
  • Granddaughter Jackie Metcalf has requested that we include a site which includes resources for those suffering from domestic violence and physical and/or emotional abuse.  She will be contributing to it frequently, and I hope others will as well.  See Stop the Silence.
  • Recently, CU president Jim Guest wrote a letter to President Bush outlining steps that both government and the private sector should take to improve the health, welfare and economic condition of all those affected in the region. It's worth reading.
  • A Call to Arms:  You may not want to read this. I suggest that it is vitally in your interest to do so.
  • It Makes You Think:  Another point of view; a letter from a Louisiana resident, someone on the "West Bank" of New Orleans, who wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Caring Online's motto is "To Bring Hope and To Save Futures and Lives ".  It provides a wide collection of links to treatment centers, books, and so on for eating disorders.  Give it a look if you know anyone, or you yourself, have any type of eating problem.

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