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Niece Amy sent this note in sympathy with the story, A Powerful Time of Year.  Childhood companions, even the stuffed kind, have an unbelievable influence over many of us, sort of like Linus' blanket in the Charlie Brown comic strip.

Amy's Monkey

I read your story about Grandma throwing away your bunny.  (A Powerful Time of Year)   I was really quite amused because I had a very similar experience. 

I had a stuffed monkey that I loved as a child.  I slept with him almost every night.  Then one day he disappeared.  I couldn't find him for several days. 

At any rate, it was garbage day and Mom asked me to go get the trash cans and bring them back up to the house.  When I went out to get the trash can, what do you think I found stuck to the bottom of the garbage can, but my monkey.  I came running into the house screaming and crying.  I was so upset about how close my monkey came to going to the trash.  I'm sure he would have, if he hadn't been stuck to the bottom. 

Mom insisted that she would never throw my monkey away and she washed him very carefully.  Unfortunately, Dad walked in at that time.  I questioned him quite sternly and he quickly confessed.  He said that my monkey was old and I never played with him anymore so he didn't see the need to keep him.  Thank goodness Mom understood about those things because she gave him a good lecture about it. 

I kept my monkey until after my son Anthony was born.  When my ex-husband was being transferred out of the military, we were moving back to Missouri. Unbelievably, the moving company lost the box that had my monkey in it.  I have regretted not taking him with me in the car ever since.

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