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Ann Landers & Food Dislikes

One of Ann Landers readers wrote to her about a possible reason for food avoidance and dislikes.  This subject was covered previously by the Sneaky Kitchen in "The Reason Your Child Won't Eat Certain Foods".    

Ann's reader says:

"Dear Ann:

    Please tell your readers that when people have a very strong dislike for a certain food, they may actually be allergic to it.

Several years ago, my middle-aged sister who "didn't like" fish had a diagnostic test involving a dye that apparently used a fish extract  (*note).  She had been asked in advance if she was allergic to fish and said, "No."  She nearly died from an allergic reaction to the dye.

Another sister always got a "backache" when she was around someone who had been drinking.  She found out she was allergic to both wood and grain alcohol.  One drop would make her tongue and throat swell.

Sometimes, an irrational avoidance of certain foods may mask an allergy.  When people say they don't like something, be aware of this possibility, and don't pressure them.

    Been There in Hayward, Calif."

Ann replies:

"Another example of a wise old adage: 'Sometimes, the body knows better than the mind.'  Thanks for a letter that will educate millions."

It's certainly a healthy and socially positive thing for children to learn to like everything.  But don't force the issue.  Be sneaky!  And be aware that there might be a legitimate reason for avoidance of a certain food.  

Note:   Probably this test utilized iodine.   Persons allergic to ocean fish, shrimp, lobster and other seafood frequently are actually allergic to iodine.  The iodine test can, indeed, be life-threatening in this case.   

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