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Back in the Saddle

 From Karen Danielson:   

"I am back!! It was great to visit with family and grandsons.  Sorry not to send any contributions lately, but we were too busy gallivanting around the countryside.  We went to Red Rock Canyon and Scott,  Brian and Ian climbed the Black Corridor.  They are all accomplished climbers and Brian has taken 1st place in his age division (age 11), climbing the 5-11.  I'm not too sure what that means but I know it's a difficult climb.  Those who are rock climbers will know and appreciate what that term means.   

It's funny you should use the phrase 'back in the saddle' when you asked in your last letter if school had started.  I fell on my backside at Wet and Wild and really bruised my tailbone and sacrum.  I'm now almost fully recovered and 'back in the saddle' so to speak.  Can you imagine having to ride horseback with that part of your anatomy sore and bruised? 

My family thought my pages were great and grandsons Brian and Ian thought it was pretty neat that Mimi was on the 'web'.  They got a chuckle when they saw their names mentioned.  I'm sure they will get a great kick with the 'On-a-roll Cabbage Rolls' recipe.  This version is a regional dish here in Pennsylvania, referred to locally as 'halupkies', and there's instructions for a version called 'gwumpkies', too."

Glad you had a great vacation, Karen.  It looks like keeping up with those two great grandsons turned out to be a "pain in the you-know-what"!  But I bet you'd do it again in a minute, given the chance.

Hope you'll share some more of those great Pennsylvania recipes in your up and coming cookbook.

See On a Roll 

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