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Moment of Fame

It's said that everyone has ten minutes of fame in their life.  One always hopes that ten minutes won't be an embarrassing one!

Karen Danielson has outdone that mere ten, and undoubtedly will continue to shine in the future.   Read about one of her earlier efforts that paid off in a proud moment of fame:

"Here is the recipe for the clam chowder that I promised.  It was published in the July, 1987 issue of Bon Appetit, in the 'Too Busy to Cook' section.

"They also published other recipes which I will contribute a later time along with a little story that tells what prompted their creation.  Being published in Bon Appetit  was pretty exciting at the time.

"This recipe was created before the low fat diet came into vogue.  It is awesome prepared the way it was written, but I've since trimmed the fat from it by making a few substitutions. 

"I will share with you the bio that Bon Appetit wrote when they published the recipes:"

'As a registered nurse in the emergency room of a local hospital, Karen Danielson often works odd hours but is still responsible for seeing that her husband and four sons eat at traditional mealtimes. She solves her scheduling problems by planning ahead. "I cook a lot on my days off to avoid the task during the workdays ahead," she says.  "Lately I've been making big pots of soup for canning.  That way a delicious dinner of homemade soup is as easy as opening a jar.  I don't think it's necessary to compromise the quality of what we eat in order to save time.

'Her family also makes the effort a communal one. "The boys may not be cooks, but they're great helpers. I can relax while they heat up a jar of my tomato sauce, cook some pasta and toss together a salad with a home-bottle dressing.'

"Now, years later, it sounds a little 'June Cleaver-ish', but the interesting thing to note is that two of my grown, married sons are quite accomplished cooks.  Guess the nut didn't fall too far from the tree!"

You were ahead of your time, Karen, and your sons were lucky to have grown up on that particular family tree.   Try this healthier version of the award-winning quick and easy Karen's New England Clam Chowder.

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