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The True Fountain of Youth

When Ponce de Leon searched Florida for the fabled fountain of youth, he had the wrong approach.  It's not a place, it's a way of eating.

Both my husband and I loved fruits and vegetables from an early age; I'm sure we got this from our parents.  Until we moved to Nebraska as a pre-teen, we always had a huge garden.  When my mother was carrying me, her cravings were for carrots.  No pickles and ice cream there!  She planted huge amounts, ate them every way imaginable and canned enough for several winters. 

Mom and Aunt Amelia preserved fruits and veggies with pride to take us through the long, vicious upstate New York winters.  Some of my jobs were to scrub  produce and operate the hand grinder.  In between I snatched pieces of peeling and seeds to munch.

Our parents and other family members took so much joy from gardening and looked forward with such anticipation to the first fruits of their labor, how could I not enjoy them?

Listen up!  Bread is NOT the staff of life, and women who marry a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy who shuns veggies better be sure his life, health and disability insurance stays paid up.  Fast foods, instant snacks, "diet" foods and most ready-to-eat items are as addictive as drugs and alcohol and often almost as harmful.   Toss out most of the empty carbs, highly processed foods, fatty meats and non-food items from your kitchen, and chances are, unless you have an unusually healthy diet, there will be almost nothing left.  Go ahead, I dare you!  See how much of the edibles in your pantry are actual food.

In this house we mostly eat real food.  Lots and lots of veggies and fruits, legumes (beans and such), a few natural carbs, some lean meats, poultry and fish.  It's a bit of work, but I take every shortcut I can.  We almost always amply comply or exceed the recommended 5 to 9 servings each day. It's worth it!

As one of our projects this year, we will be bringing to your attention the benefits of all kinds of veggies and fruits, with links on each one to health issues and recipes.  Hope you'll benefit by making a late resolution to eat food, not junk. 


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