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The Hine & Tupper Families (& more) of Tompkins County, NY

Quite by accident I stumbled upon quite a bit on information about our family on the Hine side.  Years ago, before the population explosion, family cemeteries were common.   One such still exists on Barnes Hill in Newfield, Tompkins County, NY:  The Hine Family Cemetery.  Included in the list is Mary Brind.  My parents still have a pair of watercolor portraits of both Mary and her husband Edward, plus a letter addressed simply to Mary Brind, New Jersey, folded and refolded and sealed with red wax, over two centuries ago.  I'm sure this is only of interest to this side of our family, but you may find that your roots too are findable at RootsWeb's home page,    A cousin started ours on  and has actually gone back as far as the 1300's in one case.

Curious, using the search engine, I also found hundreds of grand- and great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. listed on official census forms.  These include the Tupper family, the Hine family, Brind and more.

Here's a link for those of our family interested in looking them up:

The Hine Family Cemetery Barnes Hill

It's great to know your ancestry, but remember, it's who you are now that really matters!  Cousin Catherine Brashear (nee Tupper) summed it up.  She says she went to a Tupperware party a few years ago, and happened to mention that she was a Tupper and related distantly to THE Tupper who started it all.  Everyone looked at her blankly, like - "So?"   So much for others' interest in one's own roots!

Links to stories about many of these people are found at Just For My Family.

It's not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree.  It's what you do with your life that counts. ---Millard Fuller


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