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More Stories - The Way We Were

There's more to learn in life than just school lessons.  I taught my children how to handle money with an unlikely tool; the poisonous rosary pea.

At 90 years of age, Great Grandma Tupper was interviewed for the Ithaca Journal.  It's a peek into an earlier time.

Here's a story guaranteed to touch your heart if you like dogs.  Told by Heather Oliver: "How Roxey Found Her Way Home".

When Ponce de Leon searched Florida for the fabled fountain of youth, he had the wrong approach.  It's not a place, it's a way of eating.

Remembering Sunshine, a great cat.

When my father was pastor of a church in a small farming town, we had a Harvest Sunday close to Thanksgiving, when the congregation was asked to bring in a tithe in the form of produce from their farms and orchards.

Who knows what really set off Tancredo's rant when he called S. Florida a third-world country?   Perhaps he's the kind of American who, when visiting another country, is annoyed when he can't communicate in English. So what's it really like in Miami, and what should we do about it?

I was touched by a story in Recipe du Jour's great newsletter about the last free summer before high school's ending.  Even though I can't relate to it personally, it reminds me just a little of one I wrote about my sudden realization of the reality of war - Who Do We Owe?  Be sure and read Walt Mill's "In the Heart of Summer".   Do you remember how it was....?

Mark Franek is diabetic.  Here's a humorous view of his "disability" ....More >>>

Mark Franek, Dean of Students and teacher at Wm. Penn Charter School, tells us about The Value of Used Cars.

One of life's lessons often learned too late is that the journey is often more valuable and satisfying than the destination.   This is increasingly true in today's quick world, with rushing traffic, fast jets and requirements for multi-tasking.  Contributor Hilda Graham gives us a glimpse into the past when there were more opportunities to slow down and smell the roses - or the stinkweed, perhaps as fate sometimes decrees.  Here's an example from our frequent contributor, Hilda Graham as she recounts Aboard the Queen Elizabeth I.

A family story:  Vanity and Rooster Tails

Revolution - a smart choice for your dog?  Or a recipe for disaster?

A short story and a great, simple recipe: Cotner Blvd & Thousand Island Salad Dressing

Another march down memory lane - for baseball fans and history buffs:  From Kurt Schweizer: a Picture Gallery or perhaps, the "death of a stadium"....

Printed by permission from Recipe du Jour's great newsletter: Giants in the Earth By Walter Mills

Frequent Contributor Hilda Graham tells us a true Easter Tale: Unforgettable Easter Sunday

Bev Avery sent us such a gem in the Feedback Forum (with which we sympathize all too much!) that we published it in the "Stories" section of our Kitchen:  Fat, Foolishness, Frenzy.

Write your story: about sneaky ways to get better nutrition into your kids or other family members,  tell how someone learned to like a previously shunned food.   Share ways that you save money or time while providing a healthy diet, or any other story of life.

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