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Time to Cook
With Karen Danielson  

I regularly received the Recipe Du Jour newsletter.  They had a Friday feature called "Good Neighbor Recipes" in which they published tasty contributions from their followers.

One Friday a great recipe contributed by a special person caught my eye:

"My name is Karen.  I'm 57 years old, wife of 36 years, mother of 4 married sons and grandmother of 3 grandsons.  I read the recipes for Chicken a la King and would like to submit my own version.  I'm writing a cookbook for family and friends, and I have included this one in my book for  my son Scott."

I wrote to her, asking if she would let me publish her recipe.  She replied:

"I'm so pleased that you liked my recipe!  I've been making it for years and it is just an old family treasure, as most of my recipes are.  I love to cook, and my favorite thing to do is to eat something in a restaurant and then come home and try to re-create it.  I must say that they usually turn out pretty successfully!!

I've had 3 recipes published in Bon Appetit Magazine-- in July, 1987-- so you could say that I've had my 15 minutes of fame.

I would be glad for you to publish my recipe on your website.  And please mention the cookbook.  I hope to have it ready for the printer early in October.  I'm getting excited about it... 

I originally thought I was just writing it for my family.  I am afraid the art of home cooking is a dying art, with everyone working and so many fine frozen products on the market.   One grandson did not KNOW that mashed potatoes could be made from potatoes, and not just made from a box!

So, yes, please publish my recipe and I will look for it on your website.  I'm not very computer literate yet-- don't even know how to start a website.

There's lots more recipes where that came from so let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.


Thanks so much for the offer, Karen.  We'll be looking forward to your recipe book.  If the other recipes are anywhere near as good as your Chicken a la King, it should be a winner!  Hopefully, you'll have some more minutes of fame.  And we'll be eagerly waiting to hear from you again.


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